Welcome to Eco Youth Festival (EYF) 2021!


In this first edition of EYF, we at Eco Youth Collective (EYC) hope for our participants to have an exciting and fun-filled experience. This year, our programmes are dedicated to engagement and discussion, for students to build upon one another's ideas and share their unique perspectives.


Here at EYC, we believe in the importance of environmental education but have found, through observation and our personal experiences, that environmental education is not always very obvious or accessible in schools. While this topic is highly relevant to all of us, knowledge on it is mostly confined to students taking Geography or Biology, or those who sign up for relevant specific programmes and events. Hence, we hope for EYF to be an inter-school green event open to all regardless of one's knowledge or involvement in environmental issues, where anyone with even the slightest bit of curiosity can join our student organisers in games and discussions (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

We assure you that we are not a mundane Zoom session, so come join us to meet other somewhat like-minded students in Singapore! 

You may not find life-long friends here, but you may walk away with new perspectives, some free goods, and maybe even inspiration to try something out in your schools or at home :)

(registration closes Tues, 4 May 2021)